The Rhyme of the Prescient Barrister

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The Rhyme of the Prescient Barrister


Back when Pluto was still a planet
          and Bob Dole was challenging Clinton
The "Macarena" wasn't old yet
          and for internet you had to dial-in

The year was 1996
         the dawn of the “dot com” age
With medical devices and biotech in the mix
          A new firm was needed on stage

There is a tide in the affairs of men
          best taken when it is risin’
Reviewing the market, the time was then
          Fred started Hutchlaw and sailed for the horizon

Now every Batman needs a Robin
          so Fred took a look around
To add recruits for whom the law’d been
          less exciting than starting new ground

 Fred guided the Firm when things got tough
          as into uncharted oceans it sailed
Through waters both smooth and rough
          in all kinds of markets the firm prevailed

 Entrepreneurs and inventors everywhere,
          know business moves at the speed of a blink
Hutchison can take your business from here to there
          before the market can shrink

If you’re making elevator pitches everywhere,
          but not yet an “Inc.”
We can incorporate you in Delaware,
          it’s easier than you think

We can get you ready to pitch venture capitalists
          (known as “VC”)
Because like the ancient Mariner
          they fundeth one of three
By my unique solution and projected ROI
          Why not invest thou in me?

Lawyers lawyers everywhere,
          but Hutchison is a firm in sync
Lawyers lawyers everywhere,
          but we write contracts worth the ink

Hutchison can prepare you a Term Sheet
          so no one else can match it
We can negotiate your non-compete
          and calculate a weighted-average ratchet

 Our clients don’t stress about “legaleaze”
          when issuing debt or equity
We advise them on regulated securities
          for exempt & registered offerings, federally

Providing startup and venture law for a score
          Hutchison is now sweet-and-twenty
We provide expertise for the entrepreneur
          And great clients, we have plenty

So here is to the attorneys, paralegals and staff!
          Hutchison is a firm you can depend on
I hope this poem made you laugh
          It’d be a good note to end on.


Author: L. Aylett Colston

The blog content should not be construed as legal advice.

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