The Startup That's Rethinking Home Care. What Sets CareYaya Apart?

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The Startup That's Rethinking Home Care. What Sets CareYaya Apart?

In the vast landscape of entrepreneurship, it's rewarding when we come across a venture that seeks to bring about real change, not just in business terms, but in the lives of countless individuals and families. Neal Shah's journey from Wall Street success to launching CareYaya is a story that epitomizes such transformative potential. In the latest episode of the Founder Shares podcast, we delved into the founding of CareYaya and explore how it's poised to revolutionize the care industry.

Neal's motivation to create CareYaya was deeply personal. Having experienced the challenges of caregiving within his own family, he recognized the need for a more efficient and comprehensive solution in the care industry. As a successful finance professional with a track record in investment and fund management, Neal's transition from Wall Street to the care industry was fueled by a genuine desire to address the gaps he had witnessed firsthand.

“It's not the clinical treatment, it's not the drugs, it's not the surgeries,” Neal said. “95% of what's happening through somebody's care journey, whether it's aging, end of life, Alzheimer's, dementia, cancer, et cetera, 95% of the care is happening at home.”

So what emerged was a glaring gap in the home care sector – a need for a more modern, tech-savvy solution that aligned with the expectations of a new generation of care recipients and caregivers. Neal's realization that the traditional care industry was outdated, characterized by low-tech practices, paved the way for his ambitious vision.

“The industry was completely broken,” Neal said. “The last wave of innovation had happened really in the 1980's and 1990's. It just became clear to me that instead of buying anything and trying to fix it, the right approach was to build.”

Neal's journey is a testament to the power of first principles thinking. Instead of merely addressing the existing challenges, he envisioned a care ecosystem unburdened by the conventions of the past. 

CareYaya was born out of the belief that the modern care consumer demands convenience, transparency, and quality, much like the experiences offered by platforms like Uber and Airbnb. Neal recognized that as the demographic landscape shifted, the care industry needed to evolve to meet the expectations of the tech-savvy midlife care consumer.

“For example, we've been developing personalized chatbots for managing nutrition and meal planning, using AI for people with chronic conditions,” Neal said. “So I'm taking care of John, who's an 84-year-old diabetic with dementia. What kind of meal plan should I prepare?”

But the most significant challenge in caregiving is building trust, both for families seeking care and for caregivers entering homes. CareYaya's unique approach involves engaging healthcare-focused students from top universities as caregivers. These individuals are not only skilled but also tech-proficient, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for both caregivers and care recipients. 

“Many of these students are aspiring to health careers,” Neal said. “You know, when was the last time in the last year that they interacted with anyone that was above 70, that wasn't their own grandparent? Probably zero, you know? So many of these students are learningit’s like to be older, what it’s like to have a neurological disease, what it;s like to you know be a cancer patient, not just what is it like during the 15 minutes when you're visiting the doctor.”

CareYaya's rigorous vetting process, coupled with its emphasis on caregiver support and career advancement, has resulted in outstanding caregiver satisfaction and high-quality care sessions.

“The students are getting invited to the funerals, and they're sharing patient stories,” Neal said.

This occurance inspired his team to begin creating an AI enabled Life Story app. Students can go into their sessions and, through Q&A prompts and with permission, capture and record the life story narrative of the elder, and that is then preserved in a digital format for the family after they pass

Neal's long-term vision involves a multi-faceted monetization approach. While CareYaya currently focuses on building a robust consumer base, it is primed to partner with large corporations, health insurers, and Medicare Advantage plans. By offering care as a benefit, CareYaya aims to provide relief to employees who struggle to manage their family care needs alongside work responsibilities.

“A lot of Medicare Advantage plans are starting to think both from a cost reduction benefit where if you hook up somebody with some affordable home care, you reduce falls, you reduce hospitalizations, you improve health,” Neal said. “So it's actually actually beneficial for them to subsidize care.”

Neal's journey with CareYaya is a story of innovation, compassion, and foresight. He envisions a future where the care industry isn't just a service but a comprehensive ecosystem that supports families and caregivers alike. By challenging the status quo and embracing technology-driven solutions, CareYaya is poised to reshape the care industry, providing a model of excellence that prioritizes quality, accessibility, and well-being.

To hear the rest of Neal’s story and what’s next for CareYaya, tune in to the Founder Shares podcast, available wherever you like to listen.

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