Dealing with the H1N1 Flu in your Workplace

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Dealing with the H1N1 Flu in your Workplace

We all have read about the global effect of the H1N1 flu and the potential threat this virus proposes to the United States and to each of our places of employment. We believe it is important to take affirmative steps now in order to plan for this crisis. We have attached a Management Alert, which was prepared by Kathy Worm of the Worm Law Firm. The alert provides good practical advice on steps to be taken now by your company to plan for the effects of this flu or for the next pandemic or emergency situation.

Download the full 8-page alert on the H1N1 Flu

This Alert is intended only as a summary of this topic. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact Kathy Worm with the Worm Law Firm at 919-926-1428 or by email at You may also contact Hallie Miller with Hutchison Law Group at 919-829-4301 or by email at Additionally, you may contact any attorney with whom you regularly work.

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