HLG Client, Aldagen, Acquired by Cytomedix

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HLG Client, Aldagen, Acquired by Cytomedix

Hutchison is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of client, Aldagen, by Cytomedix. Aldagen is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, developing patent-protected autologous cell-based therapeutics for tissue repair and regeneration based on its proprietary ALDH bright cell technology. The acquisition by Cytomedix, a leading developer of biologically active regenerative therapies for wound care, inflammation and angiogenesis, “unites commercial products with a growing revenue stream with a deep pipeline of clinical opportunities,” said Richard Kent, M.D., Chairman of the Board of Aldagen. He continued, “We believe these autologous technologies are complementary and hold potential to produce more therapeutics than either one could on its own.”

Fred Hutchison, founding partner of Hutchison, noted, “Our team worked closely with all parties to bring the transaction to a successful close.  We look forward to the innovative wound-care therapies that are sure to come out of this strategic alignment.”

For more information about the transaction, view the full press release here.

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