Hutchison is a leading business law advisor to the technology and life sciences communities in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. We combine a high level of technical legal skills, practical business judgment and decades of valuable experience. 

Our experienced corporate attorneys represent large and small businesses of all kinds, including the researchers and innovators across emerging platforms. 

We assist our clients through each phase of the business's life cycle, which typically includes:

Business and Capital Formation for Startup Businesses

One of the first steps in launching a business is to create a company. Choosing the legal form of entity that is appropriate for the company is critical since the form chosen will affect fundamental matters, such as how the business and its owners will be taxed and who can invest in the company. Forming a legal entity can provide significant protection against personal liability. Investors are also not usually willing to participate if a legal entity is not formed.

Equity and Debt Financing for New Businesses

As a company develops, they often need to raise money to continue to grow. This raising of capital can take the form of equity and/or debt financing. The chosen investment structure must meet the needs of both the company and its new investors.

Business Succession Planning

In some instances, companies explore strategic directions for their businesses. Whether it's seeking to achieve liquidity for stockholders, acquire complementary business assets, divest a line of business that is no longer essential or become a public company, there are many considerations to navigate to achieve your goals and manage risk.

Our comprehensive understanding of how companies are started, financed and exited has made us the go-to advisors for both early-stage companies and larger and more sophisticated operating companies. We know how to effectively advise the officers and directors on regulatory and compliance matters in order to help them appropriately fulfill their roles and act in accordance with their fiduciary duties. 

Our engagement often begins as early as the business planning stage, before the company has even been formed. Hutchison recognizes that startups often have exciting ideas but limited means and resources to negotiate their first steps. When our experienced corporate attorneys get involved at the outset, we are able to guide our clients past many of the pitfalls that await an early-stage company. 

As our clients mature and their needs become more complex, we work in cross-functional teams to ensure that our clients receive experienced and insightful advice on any issue that may arise, including privacy and corporate compliance matters.

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We were very pleased by the quality of responses to the concerns raised by prospective investors. The knowledge and experience of the team in this type of transaction was clear to all involved and very valuable handholding to us new at this process.

Sonia Grego President, Coprata

I'm very satisfied with the legal services provided. The firm is very professional and knowledgeable in the areas of securities and licensing.

Tomas Pribanic CEO, Undefined Technologies Corp

Scott B. was a critical part of our ability to work through the significant dynamics and personalities and we relied on him extensively. Thank you again, we appreciate the service provided by Scott and your firm. Frequently, it was above and beyond.

Tom Finegan Chairman, FoodLogiQ LLC

Dan F. provided exceptional service. He was very knowledgeable, had excellent command of the process informing us on all the risks and strategies. He was an excellent negotiator and able to win favorable terms for us. I will certainly hire him for any of my future needs.

Rajiv Singh CEO, Sinmat

I would like to express my appreciation to both Bill and Ashley for their support and insight into these very important transactions. I also appreciate their willingness to provide me their thoughts and recommendations!

John Kaiser CEO, Evecxia, Inc.

Everyone was very responsive and always made themselves available. Fees were very reasonable and couldn't be happier with the work done.

Shawn Leland CBO, 14ner Oncology

Justyn and the Hutch team showed flexibility and expertise, to ensure we could get to the finish line. It was a true partnership.

Sean Fitzgerald CEO, Savii, Inc.

I love Hutchison beyond all reasonable limits of plausibility. Sometimes, I feel like I'm on the receiving end of some sort of sociological experiment to push the boundaries of human-to-law firm affection.

Aleksander Levental CEO, Feathr

The area law firm of choice for startup and biotech companies.

John Didsbury CEO, T3D Therapeutics, Inc.

Scott's performance was differentiated and a breath of fresh air compared to what we've seen from other firms. We feel blessed to have his expertise on our team.

Faith Kosobucki CFO, FoodLogiQ LLC

We are very impressed with Hutchison. The team went above and beyond and drafted a great set of legal documents for our early-stage startup.

Hua Wang CEO, SmartBridge, Inc.

So glad that I hired Scott. He is the best! Went above and beyond.

Danielle Leahy Partner, Saltyard

Scott Bryant went above and beyond for us ... very knowledgeable... and extremely professional. I would certainly recommend Scott and the firm to others.

Kit McQuiston CEO, Alrgn Bio

Hutchison consistently delivers the right balance of top notch legal advice and practical experience. Thank you for being such a great partner for myDrugCosts!

Dan Pollard CEO, myDrugCosts

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