Like a Phoenix From the Ashes: The Rise of The Women’s Social Club

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Like a Phoenix From the Ashes: The Rise of The Women’s Social Club

Networking and community are essential for many new businesses, especially small entrepreneurs, and Hannah Weisberg, founder of the Women’s Social Club, has created a community model for women entrepreneurs to make personal and professional connections.

While Hannah’s start in the Raleigh area began with the idea of building a community, it quickly morphed into a different vision. Dove & Olive, a coffee shop and wine bar that opened in May of 2019, was the first local effort, and the concept was for it to be a place that was all about community and meeting new people. 

“So, people started renting out the space, which completely pivoted the business plan.” Hannah said. “We created the space, and it was very much, like I said, a gathering space. And immediately when we open the doors, people tell us what they want. They're like, so I would love to host my birthday party here, or my friend is having graduation; Do you ever rent it out? I was like, yup.” 

But Hannah was fine with the switch. 

“That's what I always tell people; what you start with won't be what ends up,” Hannah said.
“People will tell you what you want. If you hear it from more than one person, that's a good sign.”

Then, COVID hit.

“It didn't hit me,” Hannah said. “I was like, okay, this is gonna be two weeks, worst case, a month. We were working with a company to expand our space. We had the contract, but it wasn't canceled yet. So, I just threw myself into doing social media and talking about the future.”

Like many founders during that time, Hannah had something completely out of her control take her business away.

“It was devastating; it was beyond devastating,” Hannah said. “And yes, it was a worldwide pandemic, so it was so much bigger than just what I was experiencing. Thankfully, I had the Women's Social Club idea pre-pandemic; that was in the works. I met with my business coach then and ran through ideas I had for pivoting that business. I envisioned it as women coming together in a more personal social way versus a business way.”

Since that time, in September 2020, the Women’s Social Club has expanded.  The early vision, as Hannah describes, was really simple: providing opportunities for women. 

So, whether it's looking for personal friendships or professional connections—which can look like something local where you're looking to expand, grow in your role, or switch industries—having access to make connections is how people move around more easily in jobs. 

Listen to find out more about how the triumph of the Women’s Social Club community resulted in shared entrepreneurial success and has spread to ten different locations in the country. Hosted by Trevor Schmidt, Founder Shares is brought to you by Hutchison PLLC and is edited and produced by Earfluence.

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