Firm Management is Rewarding, but Not for Everyone

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Firm Management is Rewarding, but Not for Everyone

In an article published by the Daily Report on August 17, Scott Bryant offers his perspective to lawyers considering firm management positions.

The first consideration is time, he explains. Every month is different, but typically Bryant’s management role adds 25 to 35 hours of nonbillable work to his schedule, and often more. He describes himself as data driven and says he lives by his workflow spreadsheets and calendar. He constantly looks for matters that he can delegate to others and budgets his management time so that it doesn’t force him to sacrifice other items on his weekly to-do list.

Bryant states that sharing the leadership makes it easier. He oversees marketing and business development, another partner is in charge of recruiting and HR matters and a third handles finances and strategy. Clear lines between the co-managing partners’ responsibilities and regular communication make the shared leadership work, Bryant says, and the ability for each to specialize in one area makes for more informed and more efficient decisions. The arrangement takes what would be a burdensome responsibility for one person and scales it to three manageable pieces.

Finally, he stresses to make sure you are in it for the right reasons. You have to really want to commit significant time and energy to the stewardship of the firm. “Lawyers who want to fill up their CV with leadership positions would be better off joining a bar or civic organization,” he says. “If ‘me first’ is your orientation, this may not be for you. You have to genuinely approach this with the welfare of the firm and your colleagues first in your mind.” For the full article, subscribers to the Daily Report may click here.