Welcome to the Founder Shares Podcast!

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Welcome to the Founder Shares Podcast!

August 5, 2020

Welcome to the Founder Shares Podcast from Hutchison PLLC, where we share stories of what it’s like to be just crazy enough to meet the challenges of entrepreneurship. Hosted by Hutchison attorney Trevor Schmidt, we are excited to kick-off our first season August 19th with two episodes.

At Hutchison, we work with founders and entrepreneurs as they fight and grind and stress and push to bring their visions to reality. We are inspired by their incredible stories of success, of failure, of reworking and trying again.

We at Hutchison get to see this every day through our work, helping technology and life sciences companies start up, operate, get funded and exit, but we want a chance to share some of these stories with you, our listener. So whether you already are an entrepreneur, have an idea that someday you want to start a business or are just fascinated by the stories of how a business goes from idea to success... or not such a success, this podcast is for you.

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