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Venture Capital

Venture capital is a critical resource in the development of emerging growth companies. Our firm is uniquely positioned at the intersection of capital and ideas. At Hutchison, our experienced venture capital attorneys consistently close more venture financing transactions per year than any other Southeast-based law firm. Because of this, we are able to leverage both our market intelligence and deal flow in order to create connections between investors and companies. As a result of our deep relationships with both entrepreneurs and the investors that invest in them, we can both assist companies raising funding as well as investors seeking opportunities.

Our constant presence in the venture marketplace enables us to add value for our company-side clients by leveraging our visibility and experience with the fundraising process. We have daily interactions with venture capitalists, angel investors, term sheets, financing documents and the process of closing a venture deal. Our experienced venture capital attorneys work on a number of matters related to venture capital, equity and debt financing. We work closely with our clients, providing counsel on a spectrum of topics related to their investments, including branding and trademarks, securities compliance, university licensing, tax, employee benefits and compensation and privacy and security. On the investor-side, we continue to grow our representation of venture capital and angel funds throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic in their investment activities. Additionally, we are actively involved in advising our investor clients on the legal matters surrounding the formation and management of their investment entities. 

At Hutchison, we have a strong track record in the field that sets us apart from the competition. We represent funds small and large, including funds that are worth nearly $6 billion. Ultimately, we know what is at stake for our venture capital clients and we know the impact that experienced counsel can have on their bottom line.

Recent Blog Posts

We were very pleased by the quality of responses to the concerns raised by prospective investors. The knowledge and experience of the team in this type of transaction was clear to all involved and very valuable handholding to us new at this process.

Sonia Grego President, Coprata

I'm very satisfied with the legal services provided. The firm is very professional and knowledgeable in the areas of securities and licensing.

Tomas Pribanic CEO, Undefined Technologies Corp

Ashley was fantastic throughout the whole process.

Adam Steege President, Trio Labs

I have worked with Bill and Anna on multiple transactions and used Bill as corporate counsel for several startups. They are excellent to work with. I particularly appreciate that they provide legal advice so I can make a business decision and they don't get confused about which is more important.

John Taylor CEO, Aceragen, Inc.

Scott B. was a critical part of our ability to work through the significant dynamics and personalities and we relied on him extensively. Thank you again, we appreciate the service provided by Scott and your firm. Frequently, it was above and beyond.

Tom Finegan Chairman, FoodLogiQ LLC

Having Fred's and Marty's help gave us the confidence to move forward quickly with investors and enabled us to easily reach our fundraising goals. We're excited to continue working with them both as the company continues to grow.

Margaret Aery COO, Ramona Optics, Inc.

John Rudd was very detail oriented and helped us navigate a complex closing with many investor groups. He did a great job.

Christopher Belnap CEO, Resilient Biotics, Inc.

Bill and John were both really responsive. There were a lot of parties involved which complicated the transaction, but Bill and John did a great job navigating all the dialogues and getting the financing to a close in an industry precedence setting time.

Shawn Leland Founder and Chief Business Officer, Elevation Oncology

Excellent service especially whilst managing a much larger, equally complex financing. I have great confidence in both Bill and Ashley and appreciate and trust in their advice. 

John Kaiser CEO, Evecxia Therapeutics

I appreciate all the contributions and help Bill and the Hutchlaw team provided me in starting up this dream of a company.

Shawn Leland Founder and Chief Business Officer, Elevation Oncology

John was fantastic at breaking down the important sections of the contracts to help determine the most important matters to negotiate. The volume of documents and the length of them would have been overwhelming without him navigating me through them!

Penny Shikowitz CEO, On Track Technologies

Josh was phenomenal. Very attentive to his customer and follows up so diligently.

Yacoub Habib CEO, Ophidion, Inc.

I would like to express my appreciation to both Bill and Ashley for their support and insight into these very important transactions. I also appreciate their willingness to provide me their thoughts and recommendations!

John Kaiser CEO, Evecxia, Inc.

Josh did (and does) an incredible job. We really appreciate his knowledge, attitude and responsiveness.

Mike Midgett CEO, QOREBOARD, Inc.

Fred and John are highly responsive and knowledgeable. We are always impressed with the quick responses and thoughtful advice. We trust their advice and appreciate their partnership approach.

Susan Nichols CEO, Falcon Therapeutics

Personally, I view Justyn, Ashley and Dan O. as trusted members of my team. Their work was always top notch and their (often daily) counsel exceptionally valuable.

Maxime Lemaitre CEO & President, Mattrix Technologies, Inc.

We would have never accomplished what we did without Scott's talent and heroics over the past year. He is an outstanding partner who provides brilliant client service. We are honored and blessed to have him on our team.

Faith Kosobucki CFO, FoodLogiQ LLC

I love Hutchison beyond all reasonable limits of plausibility. Sometimes, I feel like I'm on the receiving end of some sort of sociological experiment to push the boundaries of human-to-law firm affection.

Aleksander Levental CEO, Feathr

Nice job, responsive, helpful, on budget. 

Dave Kirkpatrick Managing Director, SJF Ventures

I have always enjoyed working with Justyn and find him to be a thoughtful and intelligent attorney who consistently provides valuable insight and legal advice.

Stephen Mangano Member, GBL Investments

As a company that has grown over the last seven years from a penurious startup barely able to cover its bills into a successful business bringing outside capital into North Carolina, what we have most appreciated about working with Hutchison is its flexibility. That, and how much we like the people. 

Stephen Fraser Co-founder, Spoonflower

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